Racine Nago

Photo Credit: @lakoudantes on IG

Racine Nago is a music group (gwoup rasin) that was founded in August of 2016 in Sosyete Nago’s Jacmel temple. Racine Nago aims to continue Manbo Maude’s mission of uplifting Haitian Vodou in the artistic sector, through song and dance.

Racine Nago is made up of members of Sosyete Nago, but also includes local Vodouizan who share the same passion and mission.

Racine Nago’s first official single was released on January 21st, 2023 on all streaming platforms. They also released their debut album “SA YO TE KWÈ A SE PA SA” in the summer of 2023. Follow them on social media for more updates.

For booking inquiries, please email racinenago@gmail.com.