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Manbo Maude is a dedicated and passionate manbo, with decades of experience leading and teaching “Sevis Ginen” within Vodou, the ancestral practice of Haiti.

Manbo Marie Maude Evans

Antiola Bon Manbo

Manbo Marie Maude Evans is a beautiful soul who believes in the sustaining power of her tradition and welcomes all who show a genuine interest to serve at her side. In an effort to combat the prejudice towards Vodou, Maude has chosen to speak openly about her faith and to share its beauty as well as her vision of hope for the tradition. She teaches us that Vodou, like many of the world’s practices, is about balance and reciprocity, and as Vodouizan, we should put out that which we hope to receive and respect all living things.

Manbo Marie Maude Evans was born in Jacmel, Haiti, but in the early 1990s, she moved to the United States. She currently resides in Mattapan, Massachusetts, but she always makes the effort to go back to Jacmel and continue her work during her vacations. She graduated from Lesley University with a Masters in Mental Health Counseling, but she has also attained degrees in Economics and Fashion Design as well. She currently works as a health supervisor for CAAS Head Start in Somerville, a mental health clinician in the Greater Boston area, a mother of three, and a practicing Vodou Priestess. Manbo Maude is not only a staple in her community, but she is also a representative of Haitian Vodou across the United States. She has given talks and conducted ceremonies at numerous colleges, including but not restricted to: Harvard University, Brown University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Vermont, Boston University, Duke University, and University of California Los Angeles. Alongside giving talks, she also performs rituals year-round in Boston and in Haiti, which include ceremonies, healing rituals, divinations, initiations, spiritual weddings, and spiritual healings. Manbo Maude is truly an iconic figure in Haitian Vodou, being able to overcome adversity and become an influential figure to uplift the name of Vodou not only in her direct community, but globally as well.

Featured in

Vodou En Vogue
University of North Carolina Press
June 2023

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The History Channel
August 2019

The Fetish Revisited
Duke University Press Books
November 2018

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