Organisation Racine Nago D’Haïti (ORANAH)

Organisation Racine Nago D’Haïti (ORANAH) is a faith-based organization that aims to be a safe space for practitioners of Haitian Vodou, as well as educate and uplift Haitians about their history and identity. We aim to engage the youth especially, using the arts, technology, environmentalism, and social sciences, while integrating Haitian Vodou principles.

Lakou Zanfanled by T.E.N. Global’s Dr. Charlene Desir

Lakou Zanfan is a literacy youth program in rural Haiti in the southern region of Jacmel that began in 2019. The program started as a summer program where local children ages 6-16 could obtain literacy, socio-emotional development and opportunities to imagine a world beyond their circumstances. The curriculum is grounded in the arts, culturally relevant readings, intergenerational learning, cultural and environmental preservation activities. Our goal is to have year-round programming with sustained consistent staff, a youth center, and continued programming and curriculum development. As a Harvard educated school psychologist of Haitian descent it is Dr. Desir’s commitment to support youth to provide avenues for them to contribute their talents to the emerging opportunities and creating ways to be in community and live a sustained life. 

Racine Nago

Racine Nago is a music group (gwoup rasin) that was founded in August of 2016 in Sosyete Nago’s Jacmel temple. Racine Nago aims to continue Manbo Maude’s initiative of uplifting and integrating Haitian Vodou in the Haiti’s cultural sector, namely through song and dance.

Sosyete Nago Fundraising Initiatives

Year round, Manbo Maude decides to give back to the community in Jacmel, whether it’s funded by her own income, or with the help of her spiritual children and dearest supporters. People in our Jacmel community look to Manbo Maude for financial support on their most essential expenses, included but not limited to: children’s school fees, food and water, housing expenses, medical expenses, and emergency expenses. Manbo Maude chooses to help them out personally, but also takes larger initiatives when many people are in times of extreme need, such as periods of high inflation and recovery from natural disasters. Mass support in the community is given in 2 ways:

Manje Charit – Giving a cooked meal, uncooked rice, water, raw meat, laundry essentials, and change to the homeless population in Jacmel each summer.

Fundraising – Raising funds within our spiritual house to give sacks of rice or other materials to the families of those associated with Manbo Maude in Jacmel. Recently, we were able to raise money to buy 77 sacks of rice to distribute to 76 families.

Donations (Closed at this time)

Funds raised will go towards the expenses incurred while organizing spiritual ceremonies, sustaining the basic necessities (food, water, medical expenses) of members of Sosyete Nago living in Haiti, and supporting the functioning of “Lakou Zanfan” which is the Sosyete Nago Youth Summer Camp led by Dr. Charlene Desir.

Sosyete Nago Ceremony Fund

Sosyete Nago Jacmel

Lakou Zanfan