Our Family

Learn more about some of our family members, our practitioners around the world, our daughter houses, and the talents that reside within Sosyete Nago!


Manbo Ange – Road opener, business, cleanse, mentorship, education, spiritual bath, protection, love work, prosperity

Manbo Ange is an initiated high priestess from Sosyete Nago. She is also a student therapist and a holistic healer. Manbo Ange has been practicing for 10 years now and recently committed her life to the Lwa full time. She looks forward to working with you!

You can reach Manbo Ange at Zakaholisticvibes@gmail.com


Manbo Chèche Fouye – Spiritual and Natural Healing

Manbo Chèché Fouye grew up in a spiritual sanctified home, and learned from a very early age how important collective prayer and ritual makes access to the necessity of healing both collective and individual. She/they is the daughter of a Hougan and the great-granddaughter and many greats of farmers both on Gullah Geechee land and lands of Ayiti. They have travelled the world in search of how to create sanctuaries for Black folks with the traditions of their ancestors. As a certified Reiki Master and Clinical Herbalist/Rootworker, and Master Gardener/Urban Farmer, she offers a variety of healing services centered around African indigenous practices under the name Lakou Dantes. ​

Words from Manbo: “I was reminded of my sacred duty as a keeper of the earth. Today, tomorrow, yesterday I journeyed through touch, remembering my hands grabbing hold of the Earth in a different vessel. A different time and space. I feel she was my great great grandma from Ayiti. Giving me gentle reminders of the work I must do. Touching the arms of plants through the hands of my great nana’s hands. I’m re-membering medicine before my lineage as I rest and move through the world! ​ I have been in a space of preparation and journeying back to my ancestral lands. I embarked on a journey of initiation into Ayisyen Vodou and continuing my never-ending connection with plant ancestors. My new found – (re)membered Ayisyen indigenous name is Chèche Fouye Bon Manbo”.

You can reach Manbo Chèche Fouye at lakoudantes.com / @LakouDantes / LakouDantes@gmail.com


Tarot by Gina – Intuitive counseling, energy work with crystals, Reiki, Medium.

Gina Jean is an international tarot reader based in NYC. She has been reading cards for over 18 years and her gift is passed down from her maternal and paternal grandmothers from Haiti. She is a natural empath, clairvoyant , energy healer, intuitive, and medium who uses the tarot as her tool.

You can reach Tarot by Gina on Instagram: @tarotbygina or by cell: (347) 414-9904.

Zetwal Ashade Bon Manbo – Spiritual Consultations, Haitian Vodou Altar Installations, Arts Development, Graphic Design, Spiritual Development (Patreon), Haitian Folkloric/Vodou Dance Workshops, RTL Vodou Voyage: Cultural Exchange Trips to Benin, West Africa, Dancing Spirits: Wellness + Dance Retreats, Lecture Demonstrations, Performance: community events, corporate events, festivals, rites of passage ceremonies, and schools.

Portsha Terae Jefferson has a 25 year history of performance, choreography, research & travel passionately rooted in African/Caribbean dance, drumming and spiritual traditions. Hailing from a blazed Dance trek, her Dancestory is truly emblazoned by that of Ancestral commission. As a cultural practitioner and visionary, Ms. Jefferson’s dedication and exploration of Haitian culture have brought her to Haiti, where she has traveled throughout the country to research regional dance, rhythms and musical traditions since 2003. Specific interest and concentration of study took place in Gonaives at Lakou Badjo, where Nago (Yoruba) traditions are preserved, and at Tanp Souvenance Mistik, a Vodou community that celebrates its Rada (kingdom of Dahomey) heritage. Ms. Jefferson’s visionary Artistic leadership and Rara Tou Limen’s unforgettable presentations, classes, workshops, festivals retreats, and Vodou Voyages to Cuba, Benin, and Haiti have garnered her the attention as respected colleague and established cultural gatekeeper, forging new trailways through ancient traditions — staying true to the sojourn carving pathways for many to flourish crossing boundaries and dimensions, while intersecting Dance, Culture, Research, Wellness & Spirituality.

You can reach Zetwal Ashade Bon Manbo through linktr.ee/raratoulimen_ashadedesigns

Vante’m Pa Fye’m Bon Manbo – Manbo Asogwe, Dancer, Singer, Activist, Community Organizer

Manbo Vante’m Pa Fye’m is one of Manbo Maude’s biological children. She has been fortunate enough to be chosen by the Lwa before birth. From a very young age the spirits have prepared her and announced her destiny of becoming a manbo. Manbo Vante’m Pa Fye’m grew up watching her mother and the rest of Sosyete Nago cultivate and build the community to what it is now – from ceremonies and rituals to magic work, and even witnessing the birth of other endeavors inspired by members of the house. Since doing kanzo in 2018, Vante’m Pa Fye’m studies under and works alongside Manbo Maude and assists her in all matters concerning Sosyete Nago and related projects with the intention of continuing her mother’s legacy.

Apart from that, Manbo Vante’m Pa Fye’m is very involved in her community in any capacity that she can be with her diverse skillset. Her hobbies include dancing and singing, which she chooses to do part time while establishing her professional career.

You can reach Vante’m Pa Fye’m Bon Manbo on Facebook, @vantempafyem on Instagram, or at m.sosyete.nago@gmail.com.


Alex Batagi – Leson/card readings with the lwa and spiritual consultation, benyen/spiritual baths, travay lwa/spiritual work with the lwa, custom items and sacred art, media consultation and content creation, private teaching

Alex Batagi ki di Bonkira Bon Oungan was lifted from the djevo in July 2016 and has used their kanzo as the foundation to build a life worth living. A lifelong artist and career social worker, Alex has documented their journey with the lwa extensively in various writing and art projects for over a decade and, with the help of the lwa, brought the transformative ideas of mutual liberation into their work with historically marginalized and disempowered communities. Alex serves their spirits at home and in the temples of Sosyete Nago in Boston and Haiti.

You can reach Alex Batagi on Instagram: @anbadlo, through their blog at rockofeye.tumblr.com, or via email at hounganalex@gmail.com.


Manbo Mary – Readings, lamps, baths

Manbo Mary is a Manbo Asogwe of Sosyete Nago who loves helping people find a connection with the Lwa.

You can reach Manbo Mary via Manbomary.com