We are a diverse Vodou house, dedicated to sharing the strength and beauty of our tradition with those who will reciprocate the respect and honesty that our elders and teachers have always insisted upon. We come together to honor the lwa and we welcome all who would join us, believing it is important not to discriminate; akoz se pa chwa pa w non? se lwa yo, apre Bondye nan syel la, ki te mennen nou isi a! We come together and welcome others in Honor and in Respect!

We are a growing community, based between Boston and Jacmel, who host regular services throughout the year. Once or twice a year, Manbo Maude travels to Jacmel to hold initiations (kanzo) and to feed the spirits, amongst other ritual obligations that enable our house to stand strong. We believe in being open about our faith, and in leading by the example set for us by our beloved mother and priestess, Manbo Maude, who treats us all with love and respect. We are a family, of which the lwa are the most senior members. We believe in God, and through our work with the spirits we are able to access his power. Our House is open to all who respect and honor the spirits with Love.